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There are many types of advisors out there. There are also many voices providing advice, a lot aren’t even licensed to provide investment advice.  When you are choosing a professionals in this industry, why pay someone that looks after their bottom line more than yours?

Come meet with us today and let us take care of your financial and investment needs.  Listed are some of the qualities that make us stand out when compared to the rest of the industry.  Give us a call – or – come in and see if we are a good fit for you.

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Below is a chart showing what you always wish someone would talk to you about, but very few actually understand.

Defense Strategy

Below is a chart that represents the power of losses.  Most traditional investors and advisors participate in what is commonly referred to as passive investing or “buying and holding”.  This is the idea of holding an asset and hoping that it appreciates, but unfortunately, usually this mentality of investing has high volatility high risk.

In this illustration, we wanted to show the power of losses.  The first chart shows a hypothetical market scenario that we are all too familiar with.  Given a market correction, the passive investing would move down and then up similar to the given market.

In the second chart, we see an account that has a downside strategy.  The market is the same but this illustration assumes that the investment can move defensively on the downside.  We also assumed that the second chart wouldn’t increase as quickly on the rebound.

Based on the illustration, we can see that the first chart doesn’t have a return of basis until the third year.  The second chart shows a return of basis in the first year of recovery.  Many investors don’t consider “time” an asset class, but with compounding interest “time” is paramount in the success of a portfolio.

Ask yourself what your experience has been in downward markets.  With volatility increasing, it seems that downward cycles are becoming more normal.

Graphs were internally derived. Graphs do not represent actual performance. This image is for illustrative purposes only.

Complimentary Financial Review

We focus on three areas in our financial reviews,  how much risk do you have in your portfolio,  do you have a good long and short term tax strategy,  and are you doing the right things now to achieve your financial goals.  Get yours today!

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